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        Thanks. The project perspective is often – initial qty and then what might be follow on qtys.  Of course project planning is only a what if, and no guarantee

        In my experience, one of the challenges with building an electronics board, other than the world wide supply chain issues,  is that the base cost of engineering often means that at least 50 units need to be built. Though I am completely independent from the Stroud and have no insights on their projects/planning.

        On the other hand, their is some risk in new boards. From a project point of view its how critical are the parts, what’s the risk in getting something relatively unproven, and then how to scale it for a project. I’m potentially running into that with the Digi CAT-M1 LTE modems availability, though I was lucky enough to lay up a stock of them last year that is just covering what I need. Hopefully more become available because I have put so much testing time into the Digi LTE.  Stroud has come up with another source of LTE modems so I hope to start testing with the new LTE as well.

        I bought 3 Mayfly 1.0 – which turned out to be not so useful, as the specs on them weren’t clear, and the critical power supply didn’t work as intended. However in the end, one of them facilitated another project that was a local uni student Capstone Engineering project.

        So just a perspective and the risks of new system components, and the testing of them in a low risk manner.

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