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MonMW Server Error 500 on Browse and Sites

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      Anthony Aufdenkampe

        Hi All,

        The Monitor My Watershed development team is working on a fix for today’s error with accessing any site information or data. It started last night and is connected to an issue that surfaced early this summer.

        We implemented a short-term fix, but that’s not sticking.

        We know what the long-term fix is, but it’s a bit more complicated to implement. We should have that done by this evening. It may fail on and off a few times until then.

        We’re tracking progress on GitHub here: https://github.com/ODM2/ODM2DataSharingPortal/issues/509

        Our team has been actively working this summer on a migration to cloud hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and this kind of issue will no longer be possible once that happens.

        We’re targeting release 0.12 on AWS for December 1. Track our progress with these Milestones:

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        Dave Bressler

          Thank you @aufdenkampe!  Very helpful and informative update.

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          Anthony Aufdenkampe

            We think we’ve got it resolved (thanks @ptomasula!).

            The main MMW site is back up and data looks to be flowing to the database server again.

            We’re rebuilding the tsa_catalog now, so there might be some short term glitches with interactions to TSA capabilities and sparkline plots.

            Unfortunately, some data was lost last night, before were able to address any of this.

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