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Monitor My Watershed v0.13.0: Tech Debt Upgrades and TSV Improvements

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      Heather Brooks

        (Reposting @aufdenkampe’s summary here for folks not following Monitor My Watershed releases on GitHub.)

        This important release reflects an important step in our year-long effort to address technical debt by updating the software stack dependencies and refactoring the codebase to remove cruft, to more efficiently use the capabilities of the updated stack, and to facilitate future feature development and maintenance. This release also improves the Time Series Visualization (TSV) functionality, which was first launched with v0.12.0 as a replacement for the outdated Time Series Analyst (TSA) codebase.

        This work was supported by contracts from Stroud Water Research Center and The Watershed Institute.


        • Continued addressing technical debt and cruft removal.
          • Moved remaining ‘dataloader’ tables from a second separate database into a single database.
          • Replaced some raw SQL with new ODM2 ORM data models
          • Removed dead code related to Influxdb
          • Cache busting to eliminate the need for users to clear their browser caches after a new release (#529)
          • Water One Flow (WOFpy) web service landing page updated
          • Station data now upload correctly formatted data when one variable UUID is incorrect or empty (#303#556)
          • Updated database server to the new AWS EC2 C6i instance type, for better performance, including doubling the bandwidth to the web server (#587)
        • Updated Tech Stack to supported software versions
          • Python 3.8+ => Python 3.9+
          • Django 2 => Django 3+ LTS (#507)
          • TimescaleDB 2.3.0 => 2.6.1 (#580)
        • TSV Enhancements
          • Better CSS to autofill and scale with page size
          • More flexible zooming and added panning on plot
          • Data point hover popup now always displays the year
          • Performance enhancements through dynamic data loading
          • Additional enhancements are described in issue #551 and other TSV-tagged issues.

        Bug Fixes

        • Address critical bugs
          • Last reporting time not displaying for new sensors (#560)
          • Password reset not working (#561)
          • Fix “EnviroDIY Site Alert” system (#555)
          • Unable to delete sites and sensors (#574#575)
          • LeafPack errors (#557)
          • Admin backend errors (#314#577#558)

        For the full list of issues that we addressed with this release, see this Milestone on GitHub:

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