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        Just wondering if anybody thinks microPython could be useful?
        I’ve been playing around with this http://micropython.org/ on a
        microphyton board v1.1 -https://store.micropython.org/store/#/store
        and now has a rugged housing – https://store.micropython.org/store/#/products/HOUSING-OB-1

        Its based on the STM32F4xx which is 32Bit with some amazing peripherals on board,
        However only with a 12bit ADC, and no Vref, so not quite good enough for analog processing and timekeeping.

        The micropython was created by a group headed by a phycists Damien George, and then went on to incoporate it in
        micro::Bit an educational effort created by a BBC team that was supplied to UK schools last year

        I’m not used python much, but I really love its potential capability of processing cmds from instruments/sensors

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