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MayFly initialization problem

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      Paul Dyer

        I am trying to connect a magnetic flow meter to the Mayfly. I have completed the work on the flow meter and have it generating a 4-20 ma signal proportional to flow velocity. I purchased a Mayfly to act as the data logger and ultimately transmit the data for analysis. I have been working with Arduinos for a short time, and have an UNO working with the current version of the IDE. When I try to add the Mayfly using the instructions given on the site I get Java errors. When I leave the IDE and try to re-start it, I get the initial screen but nothing after that. To regain use of the IDE I have to reload Windows 7 and re-install the IDE. Since I am new to the MayFly I assume I am doing something incorrectly. Any help/hints are appreciated

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        Paul Dyer

          I finally figured this out. The latest Arduino IDE (1.6.12) apparently does not support the MayFly. I installed 1.6.5 and got the board up and running using the example sketch. I suggest further investigation and possible modification of the instructions given in Getting Started

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          Shannon Hicks

            This topic got answered in another thread, but I’ll post the answer here since it’s important:

            After extensive testing with 8 of the latest versions of the IDE, I can confirm that the EnviroDIY board configuration file that is currently posted on Github will work with Arduino IDE versions 1.6.5 through 1.6.12.

            There was an update done to the IDE starting with version 1.6.11 that caused an incompatibility with the Mayfly configuration file on GitHub. But I just updated that config file and tested it with version 1.6.11 and 1.6.12, and everything is working fine now. Thanks for pointing out the issue, Paul and Marion.

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