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        @shicks just wondering what the expected standard charge is for the Mayfly 1.0

        I’m seeing via a USB Meter that with a USB-C charger that delivers 5.0V (and 2A capable) with a  4.4A LiIon battery at 3.8V that it is only charged 0.13-0.2A.   Previously Mayfly 0.5 this was the expected 0.5A

        Digging deeper into the BQ24074

        “Input-based dynamic power management (VIN- DPM) for protection against poor USB sources

        The USB input current limit accuracy and start up sequence allow the BQ2407x to meet USB-IF
        inrush current specifications. Additionally, the input dynamic power management (V-DPM) prevents the
        charger from crashing incorrectly configured USB sources.</span>

        Mayfly 1.0 has EN1=LO and EN2=Vbat (high) so program current range

        Current Limit = KLIM/RLIM ( 1550/1650) =0.94A

        Iset KISET/RSET  890/1500 = 0.59A

        So I would think it should be able to charge the battery at 0.59A

        Just wondering what you’ve seen. Many thanks.


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