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Low cost bubbler

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        I was wondering if anybody is interested in exploring this topic. How to create a low cost bubbler depth gage.?

        I find my inspiration comes from seeing a few unrelated new parts and thinking what if these where put together – could that be a low cost bubbler.?

        The inspiration in this case was seeing that Adafruit has a low cost 15psi air pump, and that there are low cost “air” pressure sensors – that is both sides of the pressure sensor device need to be air connected.

        The typical water depth gage sensor, has a pressure sensor with one side in contact with the water.

        The bubbler – a very old concept used by the USGS – is to have a plastic pipe/conduit to the bottom of the water column, and then pressurize the pipe to force the water out and then measure the pressure in the pipe.

        I’m mostly interested in measuring the low end of the hydrograph accurately, that is the 10-700mm.

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