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Linking MayFly to existing Arduino IDE heartache

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        Hello Everyone! I am new to EnviroDIY and am very excited to find this community.
        I have recently acquired the MayFly starter kit and intend to deploy and measure ambient temp/humidity as well as use a photosensor to record light levels in the field, save to an SD, as well as posting data onto the internet as some locations have access to WiFi. I have some experience with Arduinos, mostly small projects around the house, I have a bit of background with microprocessors and frankensteining bits of code together.
        I am trying to link the MayFly to my Arduino IDE, but I am having some issues.

        My IDE version is 1.8.5.
        I paste the link provided, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EnviroDIY/Arduino_boards/master/package_EnviroDIY_index.json, to the “Additional Boards Manager URLs” location.
        But when it comes to adding the EnvrioDIY to the board manager, I cannot locate the option of “EnviroDIY ATmega Boards”.
        Also, I receive this error in the scratch window of the Arduino IDE:
        “no protocol: 1 https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EnviroDIY/Arduino_boards/master/package_EnviroDIY_index.json”

        Could it be that the link is no good and it cannot ‘locate’ the EnviroDIY boards?
        I did my best to find this material on the forums, but no joy If there is a resource available please point me in the direction!

        Thanks everyone!

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          Welp…I figured it out, I think?
          Its happy now, not sure what I did other than give it some time?

          Thanks anyways!

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