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JTAG on Mayfly

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        Has anybody seen a Mayfly freeze or got any thoughts on debugging it when frozen, or used the JTAG/Mayfly.

        I’ve got an occurrence of a Mayfly frozen, and its about the 4th captured occurrence of it.
        In each of the 4 cases I’ve had the FTDI connector on it, with the terminal capture program providing a time stamp, and latest is:

        [2021-10-13 19:39:00.706] Going to sleep. Ram( 7349 / 5892 ) ZZzzz…
        [2021-10-13 19:39:00.708] Watchdog disabled. barksUntilReset 51 <–WatchDogAVR

        and then never wakes up.

        In the past a reset has started it. Also pressing the User button once started it again. There is only one opportunity to debug the root cause.

        One thought is to attempt to query the state of the processor through the JTAG.
        I’ve used JTAG with Atmel Studio and mega2560 board I designed, but not with the mega1284 and PlatformIo.
        The JTAG is available on digital header J4, pins D18/TCK D19/TMS D20/TDD D21/TDI.

        wonder if you’ve used the JTAG/Mayfly at all?

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