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Issue connecting to cell network

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        Hey everyone,
        I’m new here.  I have not been able to connect to the cell network. My sim has been activated and funded for a few months and the CTD sensor can receive data.

        When I try to run the sketch DRWI_DigiLTE I can see the sensor data being processed in the serial monitor and the cell board turn on its blue and white leds. But the orange RSSI light will not turn on and the signal percent in the serial monitor always reads -9999.

        Some one before me was using this hardware and I’m not sure of it’s history but I believe it stopped uploading data in the field.

        Separate problem. I’ve been trying to make a new monitoring site for the last week to test the hardware. https://monitormywatershed.org/sites/register/ When I try to finalize and click “register site” I get send to a page that reads “server error 500”.


        Any ideas on where to start trouble shooting? I have extra mayflys but I do not know if I have extra sim-card boards.

        Thanks for taking the time to look through this!!!


        Mayfly version 0.5b

        cell boards:  Digi Xbee  stacked on top of a EnviroDiy 4g LTE Bee adapter rev. 1b

        Sim card: hologram sim

        lipo batter pack

        solar panel from EnviroDIY

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