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Explanations for logging stoppages?

Home Forums Mayfly Data Logger Explanations for logging stoppages?

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    Ben Crary


    We have a mayfly deployed at a test site which inexplicably stopped recording data, and I’m hoping to see if anyone else had experienced similar issues or has any insight.

    A couple of days ago, we noticed that data was no longer being sent to the data portal so we brought the board and sensors back in from the field. The first thing we did was turn the board off to remove the SD card and saw that data had not been logged to the card. We then put the SD card back into the board, turned on the board, connected it to a laptop, and launched Arduino’s serial monitor. The serial monitor spat out a few lines indicating the board had been successfully initialized and started its routine. New measurements were then logged onto the data portal as if there was nothing amiss.

    Has anyone else experienced similar stoppages, or does anyone have any ideas for what may cause a stoppage? Fortunately this is only a test site, but we would like to be prepared when we deploy to more remote systems. Thanks for your help!


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    Shannon Hicks

    What logging sketch was your Mayfly running? Was this a sketch that you wrote yourself, or is it one we provided to you with the board?

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    Ben Crary

    Thanks for getting back so quickly. A colleague (Anthony A.) wrote the sketch using the modular sensor libraries (“Develop” branch from 2017-05-02) for 10 variables.

    My upload was blocked for security reasons.

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    Shannon Hicks

    You don’t have to post the actual sketch here since it likely contains the unique URLs, registration tokens, and UUIDs that we’ve developed for transmitting the data to the online database portal. We can contact you directly through email to get the code and can then take a look at it to see what’s causing the instability. I have some ideas about what might be causing your problem. Once we figure that out, I can post an update here for anyone else who might be having similar issues.

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