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Error setting Hydros21 address

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      Matt Barney

        I’m getting the error “Not a valid address” when using the b_address_change.ino sketch in Arduino IDE. However, the address does appear to be getting set as expected, and I can change it to 2 and back to 1; it outputs the error each time, so it just looks a little odd. I’ll attach the output from the serial monitor below.

        This is with a new Gen 2 sensor, which may or may not be related; I normally don’t use Arduino IDE, so maybe this sketch has always done this. I don’t get the error when using the same sketch via VSCode. I’ve emptied Arduino’s Libraries folder and replaced the contents with the latest EnviroDIY libraries.

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        Shannon Hicks

          When you’re connected to the Mayfly with your computer, open the Arduino IDE’s Serial Monitor and check the settings of the dropdown box in the lower right hand part of the windows next to the baud rate.  It should be set to “No line ending”.  If you have it set to anything else, you’ll usually get an error when setting the address using that sketch because you’re sending it the address character AND a line ending or carriage return.  Saying “No line ending” should fix it.

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          Matt Barney

            That was it – thanks!


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