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EnviroDIY Mayfly 1284P board selection problem

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      J Thomas Hochheimer

        Using the Arduino IDE software, I’m having issues in downloading the additional Boards Manager URLs: and then finding the Enviro DIY Mayfly 1284P board from any of the listed choices (including the “contributed” pulldown).

        I’m using a mac.

        I think this might be a common issue with an easy solution (i hope).

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        Shannon Hicks

          After a Mayfly workshop earlier this week, I helped 2 people install the IDE and Mayfly drivers on their Macs, using the latest Arduino IDE and by following the directions on this site, and it went smoothly with no issues. Are you just not seeing the EnviroDIY boards listed when you choose “Contributed”? If you’ve pasted the URL properly into the box on the IDE your preference tab, it should work.

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          J Thomas Hochheimer

            Thanks for the reply. I had tried to delete this post after I solved my problem. I had a small error on the web address that loaded a lot of libraries but not the Mayfly that I needed. All is well now. Thanks.

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