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Digi XB3 status

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        I got to talk with someone at Digi Business Development about the availability of the XB3 LTE (XB3-C-A2-UT-001‎)

        They have supply chain issues with providing the XB3, they had hoped for it to be available in March, but its slipped, so …. end of year? but could change.

        They said that Digikey is the largest distributor, and processes orders in date order they have been received.  Currently Digikey is not indicating a date for more stock, but I have signed up for in-stock notification.

        As ever the only solution is to have multiple sources – thanks for Shannon getting another source organized for this critical component.  However multiple sources also mean that the configurations need testing. It should be noted that enviroDIY community is largely the source of stability testing.


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