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depth sensors for water wells

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      Karl Young


        We’re looking to monitor the height of water in various water wells.  Our current solution uses pressure  transducers that hang in the well, and we have to visit the wells to pull the data.  We’re looking to use the Mayfly logger so we can get readings remotely, and we’d like to find a sensor that doesn’t have to be in the well.

        We’ve found many sonic sensors, but they seem to be limited to 10M.  We need something that can measure up to 150M.

        This one has the range we need, but it’s pricey:

        Well Watch 700

        Does anyone know of another sensor?





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          Hi Karl

          Have you had a look at maxbotix? Not sure if they do a 150m ranging sensor – could you mount the sensor on a rod and insert that to say 140m or is the fluctuation in level too much?


          This video also presents a range of options, more on the diy side…




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            I have quite the same projects ! But still wondering wich is the best solutions.
            I had good results with MaxBotix products, but they are limited to 15 meters max. So it’s seems a better option for surface water than underground water.
            What have you chosen finaly ?

            Gaspard Demorcy

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