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Could not wake modem for clock sync.

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      Noori Nagra


        I have spent the past week trying to fix my code to wake up the modem, but I have not been able to fix it. Every time I run the code, I get this: Could not wake modem for clock sync.  Meaning, I am getting data from the sensors, but instead of being able to send it to Monitor my Watershed, it saves as a file on an SD card. I would be very grateful if anyone could share some advice as to how I could fix this.

        Thank you!

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        Shannon Hicks

          We’d need more information in order to troubleshoot your problem.  Are you using an EnviroDIY Mayfly board, and if so what hardware version do you have?  What cell or wifi board are you using?  What Arduino sketch are you using on the board and are you using it mostly as-is, or did you rewrite any part of it or the supporting libraries?

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          Noori Nagra


            Thank you for being so willing to help. I am using the Mayfly version 1.1 and the wifi/cell board is the Envirodiy LTE Bee. I am attempting to run the Modular Sensor code of Menu a la Carte on Arduino and have made some adjustments mostly in cutting out unnecessary sensors.


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            Shannon Hicks

              It’s likely that you deleted something important and that’s why the code isn’t working properly.  What sensors are you trying to use with your logger?

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              Noori Nagra

                A CTD sensor (Decagon) and turbidity sensor (Campbell OBS3).

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                  Shannon Hicks

                    The example code for a CTD/OBS3/SIM7080 station can be found here:  https://github.com/EnviroDIY/ModularSensors/tree/master/examples/DRWI_SIM7080LTE

                    The only changes you’ll have to make is to enter the turbidity sensor calibration information in the correct place (lines 157 to 186), give the logger a unique name in line 59, and enter your UUID from MonitorMyWatershed in the section lines 220-238 (making sure that the order of the parameters in the UUIDs match the order of the variables in lines 194-201).  If your UUIDs from the website are in a different order than the code, then rearrange the variables in lines 194-201 to match the order of the UUIDs.  DO NOT rearrange the order of the UUIDs in lines 194-201.

                    If you’re using a provider other than Hologram, you’ll need to change the APN as listed in line 106.  And make sure the SDI12 channel of your CTD sensor has been change to something other than ‘0’ (we usually use ‘1’ which is why it’s set to 1 in line 146.)  And make sure the jumper next to the Aux Analog Grove Jacks is set to 5v (the middle position) in order to power the analog OBS3 sensors with the appropriate 5v excitation voltage.

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                  Noori Nagra

                    Wow, thank you so much! I am very grateful for all of the help.

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                    Noori Nagra


                      I am still sadly having some difficulties and was wondering if you could help me overcome them.

                      This is the output I am recieving:

                      Now running DRWI_SIM7080LTE.ino on Logger Logger_GeorgeSchool_Creek

                      Using ModularSensors Library version 0.34.0
                      TinyGSM Library version 0.11.5

                      Logger timezone is set to UTC -5
                      RTC timezone is set to UTC
                      Current RTC time is: 2024-03-26T18:13:54-05:00
                      Current localized logger time is: 2024-03-26T13:13:54-05:00
                      TurbHigh has a non-unique UUID!
                      Battery has an invalid UUID!
                      BoardTemp has an invalid UUID!
                      dccb783f-477b-45f4-846c-9f4e9245a9bc -> Hydros21cond
                      3de9d1c9-642e-4b60-b45b-07d718261ff6 -> Hydros21temp
                      6e56ba5a-8ba2-4ba1-bd3e-240cd25fa4c0 -> Hydros21depth
                      fbfdb500-c8dc-4c4e-9de8-1a8828e3b4f6 -> TurbLow
                      -> TurbHigh
                      -> Battery
                      -> BoardTemp
                      -> signalPercent

                      This logger has a variable array with 8 variables, of which 7 come from 5 sensors and 1 are calculated.
                      Sampling feature UUID is: 21815a48-9cf3-4e20-84af-39dd1dda7397
                      Logger portion of setup finished.

                      Setting up sensors…
                      Waking modem and setting Cellular Carrier Options…
                      Attempting to connect to the internet and synchronize RTC with NIST
                      This may take up to two minutes!
                      Clock already within 5 seconds of time.
                      Setting up file on SD card
                      Data will be saved as Logger_GeorgeSchool_Creek_2024-03-26.csv
                      Putting processor to sleep

                      I think that the problem is coming from my UUIDS and Modem. Out of all of the UUIDS on the variable list, I don’t have both ones for the turbidity sensor, I only have one, where can I find the two for TurbLow and TurbHigh. Further, I don’t have the DS3231, Battery, or Signal Percent UUIDS. Where can I locate these?

                      Thank you so much!




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                      Shannon Hicks

                        The UUIDs for the various parameters are generated by the MonitorMyWatershed website.  When you created the site for your particular station, you had to manually add whatever parameters you were interested in receiving from the Mayfly logger.  It looks like you added the 3 parameters for the Hydros21 and one turbidity parameter for the OBS3 sensor.  The old OBS3 turbidity sensors have two analog outputs, one low range and one high range (there’s more about this in the Monitoring Station Manual).  So you’ll need to log in to MonitorMyWatershed, go to your station details, then hit the Manage Sensors button and then add the additional parameters, starting with another OBS3 turbidity value.  Then you’ll need to add the parameters from the Mayfly itself, which are battery voltage, ds3231 temperature (Mayfly board temp that’s sometimes helpful for diagnostics), and the EnviroDIY LTEbee sim7080 signal percent.  All 3 of those parameters can be found on MMW dropdown menu under the sensor manufacturer name of EnviroDIY.

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