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Alternative to Campbell Scientific OBS-3?

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      I am building a water quality monitoring probe using the design from a colleague. The Campbell Scientific OBS-3 was recommended to monitor turbidity. The price was around $1,100, but Campbell Scientific has discontinued that probe and are quoting me $3,500 for the OBS 501 probe as a replacement probe until the finish developing the replacement for the OBS-3. Does anyone know of another option that is more affordable?

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      Shannon Hicks

        We’re eagerly awaiting the new Campbell turbidity sensors which should be available in late spring or early summer.  In the meantime, there aren’t any other low cost, high quality turbidity sensors that easily interface with the Mayfly except for the Yosemitech ones, which we’re still evaluating for long term performance reliability and accuracy.  Some other people on this forum have used them and might be able to give their opinion of them so far.

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