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900 Mhz Point to point and cellular connection.

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        We have a deep canyon location that may or may not have cellular data coverage for real time data transfer to MMW site.  I am wondering if anyone has done a 900MHZ radio with a Mayfly data logger point to point (bottom of canyon to top of a canyon)  and then connected to a cellular network for almost real time data uploads?  We will have a line of sight from each radio antenna.  Not really sure yet but, 500 feet elevation maybe up to 1500 feet  line of sight distance.

        If so, could you share with me your solution.  I am not experienced in this area.  So your help would be appreciated.

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          @rogers1313 interesting question, and I’ve been mulling over possible solutions as it seems very attractive.

          The area undefined , is power,  cost of the cellular gateway, and reliability of the connection.

          Its possible to do the individual elements easily – 900Mhz point to point –  and cellular – but then introduce a packet with the “readings in JSON”, that has to be pushed between the two, and also manage the resultant handshake ACK to ensure reliability of delivery.

          One way to think of it might be with LoRa 900Mhz to a LoRa Gateway on Cellular. The power usage for a cellular gateway may become an issue if its solar powered.  With the physical layer and the output on a say ThingsSpeak LoRa WAN, now  the readings needs to be pushed to a server. MonitorMyWatershed doesn’t easily support that interface, but there are other servers that might be turnkey, and there is then the need to configure the server interface.    Be interested to see if other people have ideas 🙂

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            I am hoping that we can use AT&T or Verizon cellular.  That will make things simpler(maybe).  But it’s nice to get a toolbox of useable solutions if they are needed.


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