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    Hi Neilh,

    I had successfully read LT400 through Modbus potocol. The TTL to RS485 coverter I was use showed in the attached photo.

    I am using an external 12V battery for the testing setup.

    I burnt out one of the logic pin somehow, I could not find out the reason. maybe the 12V meet the logic pin accidentally.

    I sent a private message to you with the link to download my LT400 Modbus test programme, hope that it can help you.

    My 3G datalogger read LT400 through SDI12. I directly connect 3.7 Li battery to the LT400 power. It worked very well so far.

    I remember I tried once connect 3.7 Li battery to LT400 and read it through Modbus. It worked, but I am not testing it hardly so I am not sure of it.

    So far my SDI12 datalogger working well and I am not putting time modify it to Modbus.(I am now trying to read Soil Instrument TLT6 MEMS tilt sensor by Mayfly datalogger)