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    Hi @braedon-dority, my take is that the first step is to have personal documentation to be able to repeat your work, and that you can read it. Just to be basic, part of the learning is how to do documentation that you can then read your self.

    Personally I find I come back to a working sensor some years later – and then want a traceable reference to what it exactly is it, and how do I a) repeat it b) modify it.     For instance I still have a sensor working that records my tipping rain gauge – totalizer raindrop counts – and posts to Thingspeak  – but was using a platform I stopped using. So I want to know what it does, but if I think of repeating it, I’m likely to try and do it differently.

    So yes I find a very specific wiring list, often on a spreadsheet, but can be a document. A picture is good as its often worth a  thousand words. For me the hardest part is often slowing down enough,  to review the documentation and see what might be obvious that I am leaving out.

    The fritzing I take to be away of presenting to other people to help them understand. That is so much more work to do, to become an “influencer” or teacher.

    Anyway just my take 🙂