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Shannon Hicks

    The UUIDs for the various parameters are generated by the MonitorMyWatershed website.  When you created the site for your particular station, you had to manually add whatever parameters you were interested in receiving from the Mayfly logger.  It looks like you added the 3 parameters for the Hydros21 and one turbidity parameter for the OBS3 sensor.  The old OBS3 turbidity sensors have two analog outputs, one low range and one high range (there’s more about this in the Monitoring Station Manual).  So you’ll need to log in to MonitorMyWatershed, go to your station details, then hit the Manage Sensors button and then add the additional parameters, starting with another OBS3 turbidity value.  Then you’ll need to add the parameters from the Mayfly itself, which are battery voltage, ds3231 temperature (Mayfly board temp that’s sometimes helpful for diagnostics), and the EnviroDIY LTEbee sim7080 signal percent.  All 3 of those parameters can be found on MMW dropdown menu under the sensor manufacturer name of EnviroDIY.