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Shannon Hicks

    The example code for a CTD/OBS3/SIM7080 station can be found here:  https://github.com/EnviroDIY/ModularSensors/tree/master/examples/DRWI_SIM7080LTE

    The only changes you’ll have to make is to enter the turbidity sensor calibration information in the correct place (lines 157 to 186), give the logger a unique name in line 59, and enter your UUID from MonitorMyWatershed in the section lines 220-238 (making sure that the order of the parameters in the UUIDs match the order of the variables in lines 194-201).  If your UUIDs from the website are in a different order than the code, then rearrange the variables in lines 194-201 to match the order of the UUIDs.  DO NOT rearrange the order of the UUIDs in lines 194-201.

    If you’re using a provider other than Hologram, you’ll need to change the APN as listed in line 106.  And make sure the SDI12 channel of your CTD sensor has been change to something other than ‘0’ (we usually use ‘1’ which is why it’s set to 1 in line 146.)  And make sure the jumper next to the Aux Analog Grove Jacks is set to 5v (the middle position) in order to power the analog OBS3 sensors with the appropriate 5v excitation voltage.