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    Congrats – nice to see.

    I guess the fundamental problem of power management is still there and can bite any time the power drops – and then likely will require a site visit to get the site restarted. Getting enough power is a band aid to enable reporting readings. So long as the power supplied exceeds the power used by a good margin it works. 🙂 I’ve found the real fix is in software using higher voltage thresholds – but it causes tradeoff

    Its interesting the shape of the 2nd charging pulse – indicates lost data.  Stepping to the larger graph, its more visible.
    Lost Readings

    So the next layer of reliability issues, with the fix being in software. I predicted the problem in 2018, and had a solution for it in 2020 that I’m using,

    Orderly data delivery – Queue messages for later sending,

    So just advertising there is a fix for it 🙂