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Soil Sensor Student

    Hello Shannon,

    We are using version 1.0. The whole system is powered using a Voltaic brand 12volt battery. The voltage is stepped down via a DC-DC converter to power the Mayfly. The pump is powered by the battery and is switched on/off with a relay bank which is controlled by the Mayfly. The CO2 sensor is also powered by the battery, as it requires 12 volts. When the system was powered with bench top power supplies everything was working nicely, only when we connected everything to a single battery did these issues arise. We have attempted to fix it by adding capacitors, which did not work. We are planning to do a closer study of what is going on while switching the pump on/off as well as the relays and solenoid values. Then we should be able to take a more targeted approach to solving this issue.

    Any advice or direction you may have will be greatly appreciated.