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Reply To: Hydros 21/Decagon CTD: reading error

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Dear Sara
<div>      Following are the asnwers:</div>
<div>1.We are getting long Garbage data like some art ..square, or some numbers some times like…..for long..</div>
<div>2. We are not getting data like0013.</div>
<div>3.We already checked with change of Address  (0 to 1) and used the example program d_simple_logger but the same garbage data is coming.</div>
<div>4.We checked with this program(attached)…..also….<wbr />it says “NO SENSOR Found”.</div>
<div>Now we want to check the sensor whether it is working ..because we checked the voltage output from the Data pin ..it’s only 0.5v around when we give 5v to the power pin of the sensor. When we give a 12v power pin, it gives 0.8v sensor data output. Is this correct? Please give me some advice.</div>
<div>Awaiting your quick reply.</div>