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We wrote Program for Interfacing Hydros sensor 21 with Arduino Uno board using SDI-12 interface and saw the result on serial monitor . We tried a lot in implementing a program for connecting sensor directly to the digital Pin (Pin7/Pin2) of the Arduino UNO board using SDI-12 interface and viewing the result on the serial monitor. We found only garbage data coming on the serial Monitor.

We uploaded program here.

#include <SDI12.h>

const int dataPin = 2; // Connect the data pin to digital pin 2
SDI12 sdi12;

void setup() {

void loop() {
// Request data from the sensor

// Wait for the sensor to respond

// Read and print the sensor response
while (sdi12.available()) {
char c = sdi12.read();

// Wait for a moment before taking the next reading

Can you guide whether we require any digital hardware between Hydros sensor21 and Arduino Uno board?