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James P

    Yesterday I attached a powerbank to the usb-c port for a little over two hours. Two yellow lights were on, one near the usb-c port and one lower down. I also installed a 10w solar panel. When I detached the powerbank, the yellow light near the usb-c port turned off but the other one stayed on. The station held voltage for two hours after that, then dropped to 3.5v volts.

    Does anyone know what that other solid yellow light is for? Would like it to not be on and drawing power, unless it’s the “solar charging happening right now”” light.

    I am thinking about pulling the unit, bringing it home and charging it with a phone charger (5v 2A) overnight. Maybe my powerbank didn’t quite get the battery over the hump. It’s older and probably not a ‘fast’ charger.