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James P

    I don’t believe any lights are on during the 15 minutes between data transfers. In the summer and fall lights would start blinking every 15 minutes, then stop for 15 minutes, etc. I’m not sure if there was something happening during the 15 minute break. Once I get the battery charged up with a powerbank i’ll check the dip switches.

    Crazy, today at 1:30pm the battery voltage read 4.958. 15 min before that nothing, after that nothing. It’s been cloudy and snowing all day.

    I don’t understand how the battery voltage could go from low to max to low again in 30 minutes….could something be going on that would drain the battery in less than 15 minutes? The last time i was out there i opened the otterbox and it looked like every light was randomly blinking, nonstop. But after I reconnected the solar panel that didn’t happen.