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    Hi @jp – I only install 2.5W or for a shady location I upgrade to 10W.   Can you share the site that is publishing on, and can see how fast the power went down.

    The non recharge batteries could work – but you need to do a lot more power calculations to understand how long they will work.  4 batteries (4*1.6V =6V) will work for a boost plugged into USB-C,  or a special connector instead of the Li-Ion – but then you need (3 * 1.6V = 4.8V) … , and probably D cells better options

    My first suggestion is for you to get a USB Power Pack and just recharge the  internal Li-Ion –  I purchased this option a 10AHr USB, “10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger, ”

    and with a USB C cable plugged it into the Mayfly 1.1 – that recharged the LiIon battery in 2 hours


    See https://monitormywatershed.org/sites/TUCA_Mi03/  battery Voltage – from Oct 1st.  With the change in season there was less solar  its deep in a Redwood forest The voltage declned from 4.125V and  to about3.83V.  At 3.8V my software stops it from transmitting readings.   I was on site Nov 8, and plugged in the USB Power pack at 11:30 and it fully charged the 4.4Ahr battery by 13:00 – 90minutes.     Then I also upgraded the panel to a 10W panel.


    This was the context of the system.  I align the solar panel to SW, but there was a lot of trees at that aspect, and with winter the solar aspect was decreasing.


    Though after the above I moved the solar panel to 15′ away, and then upgraded the 2.5W to 10W solar panel – which gets enough dappled ambient for an hour or so to boost the battery enough
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