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    @jp  thanks for sharing – power is a challenge when there isn’t enough of it. Finding enough power for your systems is the easiest step, – that is upsizing the solar panels, and ensuring they have enough solar aspect this time of year.

    Just wondering, what is the standard kit that you have and source- sounds like you have the Mayfly 1.1 – what is the solar panel  ? and battery ? and/or sensors

    Cycling green and red leds is usually an indicator that its continually going through reset, Its NOT getting enough power to complete startup  and then probably fails when invoking a heaver user – probably the modem.  In short, IHMO, the ModularSensors architecture doesn’t do power demand management. That is it assumes there is enough power to get through the power up stage.  I’ve talked about it extensively and come up with my own software to handle edge “reliability conditions”, and is available for anybody to use. https://github.com/neilh10/ModularSensors/wiki/1a-Feature-notes

    An easy fix, if you are visiting the site, is to take a USB power pack with you, and then with an appropriate cable (Mayfly 1.x is USB-C) plug it in and boost the local Lithium Ion battery. However this can take a couple of hours, and the USB Power packs I have turn off when full charged the local battery, and then never turn back on – until unplugged.

    This is a good conversation to have, so please share the details.