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Reply To: Mayfly v1.1 technical questions forum thread

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Shannon Hicks

    It depends on what you mean by communicate.  Are you wanting to transmit data wirelessly between a Mayfly and another Arduino-compatible device?  Or are you meaning a direct cable connection between the two devices?  Either way is possible, but it really depends on a lot of factors, like what sort of data are you transferring, how often, and why.

    As stated in the first post on this thread:  This is the forum thread to ask general technical question about the Mayfly v1.1 board.  If you’ve got a basic question such as what are the board’s features or how it differs from previous versions, this is the place to ask.  If you’ve got a more complicated question or issue, then it is probably best to start your own thread.  The goal of this thread is to be a great information resource for basic questions about the new v1.1 board that are common to all users.

    So I’d suggest creating a new topic in the Mayfly forum for your question.