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    @nick – I tried https://monitormywatershed.org/sites/TWItest/  and it doesn’t exist

    What is valuable for your “error report” is the error that is occurring when you submit to MMW. That would be the screen shot you need.

    Perhaps there is some field that needs to be filled in that is missing

    I usually use a naming convention, as it has to be unique among all the sites, and I’m likely to be entering a number of sites

    so could be nick_test_twi01  or

    <organization or unique identifier><stream or function><local code>

    So I go to https://monitormywatershed.org/ and check that I’m logged in – top right

    Click “My Sites” – top left, then “register A New Site”

    So I’m trying  “nh_test_twi01”

    enter details, select map and then under Notes “Test site to be deleted”

    then enter ~ and its created it for me