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    Hello Dan, thanks for the info. I’m using RevX from Digikey “,”1998-251-ND”,”VERIZON SIM TRIPLE FF CAT-M” with XB3-CA-2/XB3M1

    For the Enviro LTE Bee, RevX supports suggests ATT may be more flexible, so fairly low rish ~ 1998-1011-ND RevX Systems Corp. TRI SIM 2FF/3FF/4FF SIM AT&T
    I’ve got a query out to Digikey about an M5Stack Variant of the SIM7080G for which networks it works on. https://forum.digikey.com/t/m5stack-u128-which-cellular-networks/31823/2
    Seems like Digikey should have that as part of supplying the devices, though its not a XBee format.

    I’d be interested in any perceptions/timeline on how long you found the XB3-C-A2 worked for you before failing. I’ve got a number that I’ve used, and doing some focused testing in Jan/Feb this year and some more I’m deploying. I have made some adaptions to TinyGSM to handle some issues in the way it connects, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.