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Reply To: XBee Networks of Mayfly Loggers – 900Mhz

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Shannon Hicks

    The Bee socket of the Mayfly board isn’t powered continuously by default, so in your code examples above, it appears that you’re not turning them on.  If you study the schematic for whichever hardware version of the Mayfly you have, you’ll see that you either have to activate the power to the bee socket’s regulator by setting Mayfly pin D18 high in your code, or modify the Mayfly solder jumper SJ18 from the default D18 position to the 3.3v position for continuous power (there’s instructions for that on the Mayfly Jumper Settings page).

    You can also close SJ16 so you’ll see a white LED on the Mayfly whenever the bee socket is powered, and you can close SJ17 to see a blue LED that indicates bee network status (if you’ve configured your xbee modules to show network status on the bee IO5).