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Reply To: XBee Networks of Mayfly Loggers – 900Mhz

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    Gosh Brandon, I successfully used the 900Mhz modules about 15years ago with the TinyOS framework.

    Seems you are thinking of using it in a Peer-2-peer arrangement, possibly in a mesh configuration. A lot of options.

    I wonder what your back ground is  – cause its sort of like jumping into the deep end, and you may wanna flesh out your plan – what your basic intent is.  Is there any reason XBee Pro S3B, and not a LoRa in a peer to peer? (Digi XBee LR).

    From what I remember, for some of the Xbee’s you can configure in a point to point mode, and then it looks like you are sending data down a wire. The critical issue is that through the XCTU you configure two units to look like a wire  – start with XCTU and data sheet of the devices.  Of course if you are sending in JSON one end , then you need to have a JSON parser the other end. So that means you want to design your JSON packet. Of course JSON is bulky and thats where if you use the simplest binary numbers, it could fit in a LoRa packet, thats why I bring up the differences.