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Reply To: Trouble locating information on new LTEBee

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    @ckillen sorry to hear about the problems  – I make the assumption that a sub-module can always lockup, and may need a hard reset/power cycle to bring it back. Internal modem software can only be as good as its tested, sub-modules  comms software is complicated and its very difficult to test for all cases.

    The Maylfy1.1 now supports a power off capability as well as reset. I treat lab found conditions like you are talking about as a golden opportunity to build in simple reliability – repower, reset. Intermittent field problems are too hard to figure out.

    I find it really doesn’t work to give field technicians (or even PhD hydrologist) a training in how to remove a 20pin modem and reinsert it in hot and sweaty field  conditions, and also how to have a u.fl antenna stay affixed. “You want what!”

    It could also be that the modem power has been turned off, and the device is not working.

    I have it such that the modem stream monitor can be enabled from the build command line (or platformio.ini).

    I should note it probably is only able  to work with the modem UART stream Serial1 running at a slow 9600baud and the SerialTerminal running at faster 115Kbaud

    I haven’t yet tried the SIM7080, still using the Digi LTE modem (I  fortunately got enough stock).

    In the extreme, last year  I used the IP protocol monitor stream debugger WireShark to actually see what was going on the line, and to check for  the HTTP response. However this is a pretty difficult setup to get right.