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Michael Daniel

    The Mayfly is at least v1.1, but I’m unsure what revision it is. Would it say RevB on the board somewhere?

    Also, I should’ve mentioned earlier that I’ve tried to run the address change program when the turbidity sensor wasn’t working and the program couldn’t find the sensor at all, regardless of the amount of times I let it loop through the program. It just listed every address as vacant over and over again. This happened on 2 different mayfly boards with 2 different sensors. The program was able to work once it warmed up.

    Would this still indicate an interval issue? Would running TestWarmUp in colder conditions allow me to see how much the interval needs to increase? Or if I changed the intervals in CampbellClariVUE10.h would I be able to test if it’s an interval issue? Would changing this interval have cascading effects that would need to be accounted for?

    Or should I just get RevB boards?