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    I’ve had 2 problems with the SIM7080G modem on the Mayfly 1.x board.  I wonder if anybody else has had the same problems or has any information that would help me.

    My code is uses the TinyGsm library, and some parts of the ModularSensors code but is otherwise custom code. The code has been working in the field with Mayfly 0.5 and Digi LTEbee’s for years. I’m just starting to migrate the code to accept the Mayfly 1.1 and SIM7080 for new installations.

    <u>Problem 1 – Posting too much data</u>: I found that doing an HTTP POST to my website fails when sending data greater than ~1400 bytes.  The post is not accepted by Apache on my website.  It works fine if sending less than 1400 bytes.  The same code running on my Mayfly 0.5 with Digi LTEBee sends 6000 bytes with no problem.  Can this be a timing thing? Is there some limit on the Sim7080?

    <u>Problem2 – Modem Unresponsive</u>: After doing some tests, sending some AT commands, trying some new ideas online – the modem became unresponsive to any AT commands.  This wasn’t a sleep/wake problem as it would sleep and wake as normal using pin 23 pulse.  It took me a long time using parts of TinyGSM’s Factory Reset code and my test tool to get the modem to work again.  Has anybody else run into this problem or has an idea what I did wrong? I’m worried that the module might get into this mode when it’s in the field.