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Laura DeCicco

    The APN  for US Cellular is “uscc05836.enterprise3.usc-cdp”. Southern WI is one of the few places US Cellular has dedicated towers and the signal is good (from what I’ve been told)….but if somehow the Verizon tower is what’s being hit that would make sense. I’ll try ordering a Hologram card to jump start this project (I don’t think that’s a long term solution due to contracting). I’ll also ask around to see if I can find a tablet/phone I could check the SIM card on, I hadn’t thought of that.

    Would Verizon not recognizing the board be consistent with what I’m seeing now is:
    “Could not wake modem for clock sync.”

    (slightly different than the original message ” Could not connect to internet for clock sync.”

    Thanks so much for the speedy response!