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Shannon Hicks

    Thanks for posting your code, I edited your post to put it into the “code formatting” window that you can use when pasting code into our forum.  It’s the little unlabled icon that looks like this:  “<>” in the toolbar above the text entry box.

    Your issue is caused by an error on line 186.  It should look like this:


    You can also include another variable to report the Clarivue temperature (because the sensor also reports water temperature) by adding this line to your variable list:

    I haven’t published the official example code for using a ClariVUE10 sensor yet because they haven’t added the sensor to the list of supported sensors on the MonitorMyWatershed website.  Once it gets added to MMW, I will publish the example, but it’s essentially exactly what you have above, minus the ES2 sensor, and with the correct variable declaration that I just posted here.