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Shannon Hicks

    The components on the Mayfly circuit board are rated to withstand the industrial temperature range of -40C to +85C.  Here in Pennsylvania, our loggers don’t normally see that full range during normal deployments, but this summer we frequently reached almost 60C with one of our loggers that is mounted in an open field inside a clear plastic Pelican case.  Our other nearby stations in the standard opaque tan Pelican cases reach around 40C most summer days.  In previous winters they measured down to -25C with no problems.  Likewise, the lipo battery packs have done well in all the stations except ones that have condensation in them, because we’ve found that the blue 4400mAh battery packs are susceptible to damage from being exposed to moist environments because the metal tabs under the plastic end caps will rust very easily and cause the battery to open-circuit.  In stations that stay dry inside, usually with the help of desiccant packs, can use the same battery for multiple years with no problems.  We’ve got several stations that are still using the same Mayfly and lipo pack from 5 years ago and have been in continuous operation with no issues.