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James B

    @mbarney, do you know if the REVX plan/sim card you had success with is the CATM version (50mb for $5) or the 4G version (10 mb for &12)? With the new modems I have not been able to register on the network (cereg 0,3) using the 4G plan and sim that worked for a couple years with the old xbee modem.

    ,  RevX systems technical support has indicated that the IMEIs associated with the new LTEBee modems are not Verizon certified.

    Looking at this line, the current IMEI is not appearing as Verizon End Certified. Verizon rejects registration of device’s that are not Certified through the upload process to the Verizon Device Management Database (DMD). This is typically done by the manufacturer unless you have an Open Development application completed with Verizon.

    If you believe this device to be certified, please contact the manufacturer and request that they re-upload the device IMEI’s to Verizon as they are not valid at this time.

    From what I understand, SimCom has received certification for the module itself on Verizon, but once integrated into a device (like the LTEBee) the entire device must be certified a second time before Verizon will allow it to register on their network. Do the new LTEBee modems have this end certification with Verizon, and can their IMEIs be “uploaded” to Verizon?