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    Yes, on all those dependencies. I’ve ordered but haven’t received the Mayfly 1.1. I need to choose the sampling interval and battery mAh for the system so that we can get the most data over the deployment period with plenty of spare power capacity to ensure data collection at the end of deployment, which is the most important.

    I have all the mA pull for the Atlas sensors and their electrical isolation boards. I’ll be using a Whitebox T1 (https://atlas-scientific.com/electrical-isolation/whitebox-t1/) for some of them and have asked for that power draw. It has an integrated SD card port. There won’t be any telemetry as we’re deploying them in an Antarctic lake and retrieving them after ~9 months. The temperature will be 1.0° C (the temperature of the lake water) plus the heat produced by the electronics in the underwater housing.

    In looking at batteries, I think I’m going to power the Mayfly, Whitebox, and 4 additional sensors separately. Thus, I need to know what the Mayfly will draw under my conditions to choose an appropriate power source.