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    It’s been a little while since I have had a chance to spend any time on this project but over the last few days I made some time.
    Thank you to Danny Waz for your suggestions as they confirmed my suspicions and I have removed the TTL-232 from the Circuit and I am just inverting in code.
    I currently have just fudged together all the code that has been provided in the Mayfly software page and have been able to get a file written to the sd card on the Mayfly that contains Sample Number, Battery volts, Temperature from RTC, Millimeters from Maxbotix 7360 Serial( I know this is not the best choice and will change in the next iteration), Year, Month, Day, Time.
    I have attached the code below for anyone who may want to use it and to hopefully get some ideas on how to improve it, (I dont really know how to code and cant take any credit for the code good or bad)
    Now that I have the data I want coming in,my next goal is to send it using a GPRSbee, any advice or help here would be really appreciated as it’s something I have never had any experience with.