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Shannon Hicks

    That station appears to be running the older configuration of Mayfly v0.5b and Digi LTE board (with an EnviroDIY LTEBee adapter in between the Digi board and the Mayfly), correct?  There could be several reasons why it’s behaving like that, and it’s difficult to tell unless you start swapping parts or disconnecting things one at a time to see which thing is causing the issue.  The first thing to check would be the datacard file on the logger to see if the logger is still operating and recording data to the card even though it’s offline.  Once you know that, it’ll help us narrow down the problem.  The other quick thing to do would be to put a different lipo battery pack on the board and let that run for a few days.  We’ve seen failing battery packs cause all sorts of strange issues that were resolved by simply replacing the pack.