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    I’ve been chewing and reading about LoRa for some time, and just recently been reviewing as part of student engineering project the data flow for LoRa  and LoRaWan to TTN (The Things Network) and then to ubidots.

    LoRa is designed as a long distance wireless protocol, however its also has constrained packet size.

    So it seems to me, at this stage LoRaWan/TTN  is incompatible with MMW, as the POST to MMW use UUIDs for variables, which is a lot of overhead.


    So for LoRaWan/TTN to MMW, it would need some form of COAP support on the TTN gateway. A way of associating the KEYs and UUID, on the Mayfly, to be transmitted and stored on the TTN gateway.

    To phrase it simply, the LoRa packet are small, to allow them to be delivered wirelessly over a long distance. To do that the variable need to be encode into the packet, and then on the TTN gateway decoded from the packet into a JSON format.

    The Arduino.Cc offering has some good explanations https://docs.arduino.cc/learn/communication/lorawan-101

    Though maybe somebody has figured it out, and we’ll all be pleasantly surprised  and amazed 🙂