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Zeke Holloman

    @neilh20 @shicks @vogelrnws

    Hi all! Thank you for all of your feedback and tips! I spent some time this week looking at the mqtt3.thingspeak.com server and I was able to get a channel up and running on it.

    Overall, it’s not drastically different than mqtt.thingspeak.com. The main aspect being removed in the legacy Thingspeak server is the API keys. Thingspeak now relies on the Channel ID, the client ID, the username, and the password to send data to a specific channel.

    There are also a few formatting changes for sending the data, which can be found on this site, under July 2021:


    I did end up editing the ThingSpeakPublisher library in order to get the data to upload correctly, but I don’t think I had to change the data type.

    Here’s the Arduino code: