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    Thank you so much for answering me I have been stuck for quite some time.

    To answer your questions, I am running them separate because my Y504 Sensor requires 6+volts and needed a DC step up booster board and the Y510 sensor needs 5volts. Would it still be possible to put them on one RS485 and power supply?

    I am unfamiliar with the NeoSWSerial, is there a place on envirodiy to look up how this one work and how to code it in and the pins etc.?

    I had not touched the addresses for either of the sensors, correct, me if this is wrong, if I put the sensors on one power supply and adapter, they have to have separate addresses? So at least one needs to be changed through yosemitech library, but If I keep them separate and use the NeoSWserial for at least one, I can keep the two sensors at the original addresses?
    I am using an Amazon ALMOCN TTL to RS485 Adapter Module 3.3V 5V 485 to TTL Signal Single Chip Serial Port Level Converter Borad with RXD, TXD Indicator. It does not say flow control at all, but it does say it can match the module.

    I am still slightly confused on your last paragraph, is that referring to the Sv5 pins and/or the mayfly ports set to 5v?


    Again, thank you!