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Matt Barney

    Thanks @heather, and @aufdenkampe, that does makes sense, with the symptoms we’re seeing. Good to know that the data are not being lost in the interim.

    Shutting down the old server temporarily sounds like a good idea; all of our devices are on a 15-minute sampling period, so 20+ minutes should cause at least one failed message from the device, and the relative cost of losing one or two data points would be well worth it.

    Power cycling all of our devices would be pretty painful; some stations (e.g. with wipered sensors) are hours from their caretakers’ locations.

    Wow, it would be nice to be able to remotely initiate a cache flush (or even a reset) on the LTE modems! But, as I read Digi’s documentation, I think that would have to be initiated by an AT command from the host (Mayfly). (Right??) I don’t *think* there’s a way to address this from the Hologram dashboard, but if anyone knows, please share. Hmm… I wonder what clicking Hologram’s “Pause” button for each SIM would do…?