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Shannon Hicks

    The same Hologram SIM cards we’ve been using for the past year in the Digi boards work just fine in the new EnviroDIY LTE boards.

    The new EnviroDIY LTE bee works in the old Mayfly 0.5b boards, and no LTEbee adapter is needed.  The LTEbee adapter is only needed when using Digi boards with Mayfly 0.5b boards.

    Digi LTE CAT M1 boards work directly with the Mayfly v1.0 board with no LTEbee adapter needed anymore.  I added new solder jumpers on the back of the new Mayfly (SJ16, SJ17, SJ19, SJ20, & SJ21) to allow users to make the necessary changes to pin connections to account for the difference between the Digi line of Xbee products and other bee-footprint devices.  I’m in the process of writing all of these procedures up, but shifted our focus to getting all the products prepped and available in our shop and on Amazon recently because of all the requests to purchase even before the documentation was finished.

    I’ve added the Eagle board and schematic files to Github and will be adding various code example sketches for the new Mayfly v1.0 in the next day or so.